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Visitations – ‘Glimpses Of Eternity’ Real Or Imagined – Part III

After a long time of separation, somehow a get together was arranged at Bellaggio's in Vancouver, Bellaggio's was a favorite spot of...

After a long time of separation, somehow a get together was arranged at Bellaggio's in Vancouver, Bellaggio's was a favorite spot of Michaels. He had not been there in some time, he was now living out in the Eastern Fraser Valley and rarely visited Vancouver. How they came to meet, well,  Wyatt had long since forgotten but his guess was that it was Margie's doing.

Wyatt arrived at Bellaggio's first.  Very shortly, he saw Michael and Margie walking towards him with someone he did not recognize. This turned out to be a friend of Michael's named Darren. Wyatt was shocked when he first saw Michael, he was frail, stooped over and walking with a cane. He looked old and worn out. As Michael approached the table he held out both arms and he and Wyatt hugged each other for quite sometime. Wyatt remembers very clearly what was said to him as Michael kissed him on the cheek, "Hey there angel…good to seeya. I've missed you".

After a short time, Margie left to go do some shopping. Michael and Darren ordered glasses of wine, Wyatt a club soda. They talked and talked for over an hour. Eventually Margie returned and they left. Margie later called Wyatt to say Michael cried for most of the way home. And so their friendship was once again reestablished. Both Wyatt and Michael began emailing each other and talking on the phone daily. After a period of time, out of those phone calls and email messages an idea was born.

Michael and Wyatt began to write the screenplay titled, 'Glimpses of Eternity'. Wyatt believed the idea was the result of Michael's current writing project at the time called 'The Has Been'. He recalled one time asking Michael the question, what's better, being a has been or a wanna be? Michael's reply, you mean what's worse?

Wyatt had begun to read the complete works of Shakespeare. It was 'King Lear' he found as inspiration, in particular the significance of 'the fool' and 'Lear's shadow'. Michael suggested a line in the play 'God's spies'. These were some of the elements that were going to be incorporated into the play in a metaphorical sense. Laurence Montreux, the star lead character in 'The Has been' slowly began to overlap into 'Glimpses of Eternity', Wyatt soon began imagining a character with two first names 'John Mark' as the co-star.

Then, almost imperceptibly, two 'visitations' appeared to Wyatt. First, John Mark. John Mark began to literally inhabit Wyatt's mind, he began to think and speak like John Mark. His emails and phone calls to Michael were from John Mark. Wyatt even went to the point of creating an email address to communicate with Michael from John Mark. Wyatt was losing his frame of reference more and more each day. The line between Wyatt and John Mark was becoming blurred and fragmented. At first Michael thought this was just a normal result of a writer immersing himself in the story and the characters. However, later even Michael became concerned about what was happening to Wyatt, so much so, he sought counsel from his adoptive father in Italy named 'Giuseppe' who Michael afectioanately called 'Poppy Joe'.

In Wyatt's odd moments of clarity a second visitation, another friend, someone he felt understood him, someone who would be able to communicate and act as a go between. Someone who would be able to help him cope. Wyatt was treading the dangerous waters of madness, walking precariously that thin line between sanity and insanity. Wyatt's self preservation in the form of his imaginary friend stopped this from happening. The friend did not have a name and was only referred to as 'Amigo Mutuo'.


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