Call me Wyatt.

In another life I went by that name. Now, Wyatt no longer exists but for the vicarious existence of living through long past lingering memories…his memories. Memories of nostalgic bygone Halcyon Days, days of joy and laughter, days of tears and heartache, days of endless possibilities, days of dreams, days I will now share.

I’m posting under the name “polyphrenic” which basically means multi-minded. Not in a schizophrenic way though. I suppose the best definition is to be able to hold two or more different minds, ideas or truths successfully.

This will be an account of my far too brief time with my friend and brother Michael Moriarty. This is a true story. It will be a rigorously honest, no holds barred account “warts and all” retrospective backward journey of a profound time in my life.

Before moving backwards with this memoir, let me make this very clear. There has been absolutely no contact or any attempt at contact between Michael and I for many years now.

So now, all that remains are the imponderable memories and a deep abiding love in my heart and soul for a man I called my friend!

I’m happy to have lived it and blessed to have known him.