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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name, Un Amigo Mutuo. The literal translation, A Mutual Friend. What follows are my thoughts and emails to Michael Moriarty, my conversations with Wyatt and the unfinished abandoned script Wyatt wrote. My friendship with Wyatt was brief. Finally, if I may quote the ghost of Jacob Marley who was heard to say, "Look to […]

Visitations – ‘Glimpses Of Eternity’ Real Or Imagined – Part III

After a long time of separation, somehow a get together was arranged at Bellaggio's in Vancouver, Bellaggio's was a favorite spot of Michaels. He had not been there in some time, he was now living out in the Eastern Fraser Valley and rarely visited Vancouver. How they came to meet, well,  Wyatt had long since […]

Visitations – ‘Glimpses Of Eternity’ Real Or Imagined – Part II

There were many common threads Michael and Wyatt shared that sewed the fabric of their friendship together. Shattered childhoods, fractured homes and addiction. Children learn what they see. They become what they experience. Children are small shapeless pieces of clay, parents the potters. The importance of love and nurturing at a tender age cannot be […]

Visitations – ‘Glimpses Of Eternity’ Real Or Imagined – Part I

There were many times of estrangement in Wyatt's life with Michael with as many reasons. All but one of those estrangements resulted in a reunion. This is just one account of what happened during that time, a time that lasted for several years. He's not certain of the circumstances which brought them back together but […]

Too Good To Waste

Michael was on a bender. He had disappeared. This was often the case while on his many benders, no one knew where he was including myself or Margie. The reason for this recent bender of Michael's now escapes me but suffice to say, it was a common pattern for Michael during those dark days.  Some […]

Who Is Fragile William?

The answer: Fragile William The words fragile and complicated stung! My initial response, has Michael ever thought about his own fragility and complicated life? I'm sure he had. Still, those words were true and it cut me to the quick and wounded me deeply. I want to make this very clear, at no time did I […]

Christopher Fry – Eureka!

After many weeks of searching and reaching out by email, I hit pay dirt. Eureka…I found him!  I have once again compiled the email trail for you to read and also included both Christopher Fry and Michael's mutual correspondence to each other here Christopher Fry – Eureka. I was so happy! Michael was so very grateful!  […]

Christopher Fry – The Search

So I began my search, my search to contact Dr. Christopher Fry. I felt like Sherlock Holmes, looking for clues on a trail that had gone cold for many many years.  I have an extensive email trail saved on my computer of that very search. I have compiled it for you to read here Christopher Fry […]

Christopher Fry – An Introduction

Michael shared many intimate moments of his life with me during our friendship. This is one of them. Before I begin though, I post as memories make their way from the past to the present. Sadly, I never kept a running journal of those long past days, it certainly would have come in handy. So […]

Swimming Upstream – Adventure In Providence (Part 2)

We arrived at location, a suburb of Providence. It was a small quiet suburban neighborhood, older by the looks of the houses. Their were large trees lining the streets along with older type houses mostly bungalows. The streets kinda had the old fashioned narrow cement sidewalks and I remember most of the homes had the […]