How sweet the silent backward tracings!
The wanderings as in dreams - the meditation of old
times resumed, their loves, joys, persons, voyages...

-Walt Whitman

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  • Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    My name, Un Amigo Mutuo. The literal translation, A Mutual Friend. What follows are my thoughts and emails to Michael Moriarty, my conversations with Wyatt and the unfinished abandoned script Wyatt wrote. My friendship with Wyatt was brief. Finally, if I may quote the ghost of Jacob Marley who was heard to say, "Look to […]

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  • Visitations – ‘Glimpses Of Eternity’ Real Or Imagined – Part III

    After a long time of separation, somehow a get together was arranged at Bellaggio's in Vancouver, Bellaggio's was a favorite spot of Michaels. He had not been there in some time, he was now living out in the Eastern Fraser Valley and rarely visited Vancouver. How they came to meet, well,  Wyatt had long since […]

    Posted on 28th Feb 2011 0 comments